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On the Edge of the Mainstream: Interview with Ann Hui:


Abstract: Acclaimed New Wave director Ann Hui held a preview screening of her film, The Way We Are, at the University of Hong Kong shortly after its premiere at the Hong Kong International Film Festival in April 2008. This low-budget feature deals with the quotidian lives of the residents of Tin Shui Wai, a satellite town in Hong Kong’s New […]

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On Spectral Mutations: The Ghostly City in The Secret, Rouge and Little Cheung


Abstract: This chapter explores how various moments of disjointed time in Hong Kong history are associated with the expression of a sense of ghostliness, alienation and homelessness. It discusses the possibility of writing a meta-history of Hong Kong over the past thirty years or so through a hermeneutical reading of the cinematic depictions of space. It focuses on how an […]

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In Love with Music: Memory, Identity and Music in Hong Kong’s Diasporic Films


James Clifford’s essay ‘Diasporas’ (1994), which discusses the need to move from the ‘ideal type’ of ‘diaspora’ to non-Jewish kinds of migratory experiences, casts significant implications on the study of Chinese diasporas. We can follow this stance to assert that ‘diaspora’ as an analytical category must be referred to in the plural form and with a lowercase ‘d’. In many […]

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