In Memoriam: Dr. Esther Cheung

Dr Esther Cheung 張美君 1958-2015
(BA 1981; CertEd 1983)

Head, Department of Comparative Literature (2004-2005)

Co-Director (2004-2007) and Director (2007-2015) of the Center for the Study of Globalization and Cultures

One of the University’s most beloved teachers and scholars winning the HKU Outstanding Teaching Award in 2011, and a leading figure in Hong Kong cultural studies. She also pioneered the filmmaker-in-residence scheme, which was first set up in the Department of Comparative Literature and later adopted by the University as the University Artists Scheme.

“And this is how I remember her, as someone who refused to be daunted or discouraged by obstacles in her way, who took life on with confidence and a sense of humour.”
Professor Ackbar Abbas
Honorary Professor of Department of Comparative Literature

「在你的課堂裡,不再是空洞的敘述,冰冷的建築,僵化的歷史; 而是鮮活的故事,可觸可感的記憶,和浪漫的想像。 」

In memory of the late Dr Esther Cheung, her husband Professor Thomas Au, pledged to donate a sum of HK$64,000 contributed by her contemporaries, family and friends, to establishEsther MK Cheung Memorial Prize for Undergraduate Students andEsther MK Cheung Memorial Prize for Postgraduate Students in the Department of Comparative Literature.

(Published in Convocation Newsletter, Summer 2015)