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A Companion to Hong Kong Cinema


A Companion to Hong Kong Cinema provides the first comprehensive scholarly exploration of this unique global cinema. By embracing the interdisciplinary approach of contemporary film and cultural studies, this collection navigates theoretical debates while charting a new course for future research in Hong Kong film. Examines Hong Kong cinema within an interdisciplinary context, drawing connections between media, gender, and Asian […]

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窗框內外,是個人記憶的感性,也是文化評論的理智。詭話,就在抒情與說理之間,發掘後現代城市與人生的荒誕。書中大部分文章來自她在《明報》的專欄,另有 小半曾於其他地方發表甚或是首度曝光。結集成書之際,張美君找來區國強與陳蕙瑜為文字配上亮麗攝人的照片和趣味盎然的插畫,文字與影像圖畫的對話為本書帶來多一重意義。

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City at the End of Time: Poems by Leung Ping-Kwan 形象香港: 梁秉鈞詩選


Written by Leung Ping-kwan in the 1980s and 1990s, this volume of poetry evokes the complexity of Hong Kong city life in the critical moments preceding the 1997 handover. The poet muses upon the problems of cultural identity and the passing of time, and explores the relationship between poetry and other genres and media within a cross-cultural and cross-border context. […]

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Hong Kong Screenscapes: From the New Wave to the Digital Frontier


Global connections and screen innovations converge in Hong Kong cinema. Energized by transnational images and human flows from China and Asia, Hong Kong’s commercial filmmakers and independent pioneers have actively challenged established genres and narrative conventions to create a cultural space independent of Hollywood. The circulation of Hong Kong films through art house and film festival circuits, as well as […]

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