Reading the Hong Kong Trauma in Wayne Wang’s Chinese Box

Wayne Wang’s Chinese Box (1997) is a film about trauma, amnesia andfantasy. Just as trauma is a symptom of history and fantasy is asymptom of amnesia, this paper is an attempt to engage in asymptomatic reading of the film. As a coded, ciphered form, a symptom calls for interpretation since “there is no symptom without an addressee,” as Slavoj Zizek […]

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The City that Haunts: The Uncanny in Fruit Chan’s Made in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong film history, the emergence of a corpus of film productions loosely called “horror films” in the 1980s has invited film critic to adopt an allegorical approach to the reading of Hong Kong films. What figures centrally in this film discourse is the trope of Hong Kong as a haunted house. In the introduction to the programme notes […]

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