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A Companion to Hong Kong Cinema


A Companion to Hong Kong Cinema provides the first comprehensive scholarly exploration of this unique global cinema. By embracing the interdisciplinary approach of contemporary film and cultural studies, this collection navigates theoretical debates while charting a new course for future research in Hong Kong film. Examines Hong Kong cinema within an interdisciplinary context, drawing connections between media, gender, and Asian […]

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In Memoriam: Dr. Esther Cheung


Dr Esther Cheung 張美君 1958-2015 (BA 1981; CertEd 1983) Head, Department of Comparative Literature (2004-2005) Co-Director (2004-2007) and Director (2007-2015) of the Center for the Study of Globalization and Cultures One of the University’s most beloved teachers and scholars winning the HKU Outstanding Teaching Award in 2011, and a leading figure in Hong Kong cultural studies. She also pioneered the […]

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A Companion to Hong Kong Cinema: Introduction

Time haunts Hong Kong cinema in a peculiar way that sets it apart from other film cultures. Critics talk about it in terms of “time pieces” (Stephens 1996), “poets of time” (Rayns 1995), “translating time” (Lim 2001), “violence of time” (Law 2006), and “marking time” (Ma 2010). As Esther M.K. Cheung and Chu Yiu-wai (2004) remind us, Hong Kong film […]

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The Urban Maze Crisis and Topography in Hong Kong Cinema

Situating the new millennial films vis-à-vis several critical turns in the representations of the city in Hong Kong cinema, this chapter aims to examine the cinematic city as an episteme that grounds our knowledge of political, cultural, and socio-economic dynamics of Hong Kong society within a complex global–national–local network. It is argued that the urban cinema provokes critical discourses on […]

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一輩子做了三輩子的事情 ──向老師、學者、作家張美君博士致敬


蕭恒 張美君博士於2015年2月與世長辭,留下的,不止等身的學術著作,還有不算浩繁卻能感染眾生的詩文創作,和生前的好友、學生對她的無盡思念。美君老師生前好友洛楓寫道,說她「一個人做三個人或三輩子的事情」,正正道出美君老師在教學、研究、創作上均卓有成就,而她的成就,又與電影和文學──特別是香港的電影和文學──密不可分。

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Between Demolition and Construction: Performing Drifting Identities in Jia Zhangke’s Films

Contemporary Chinese filmmaker Jia Zhangke demonstrates how auteurism performs an essential role in shaping an impressive grassroots poetics within a rapidly vanishing space. Hailed by some critics as “the cinematic poet” of postsocialist China, Jia has developed an expansive field of citation where the recurrent spaces of demolition and construction are notable tropes. Bound up with the transformations of local […]

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從抽屜裡的記憶,尋找回歸生活的勇氣 --念張美君老師


蕭恒 張美君博士為傑出的老師和學者,出任香港大學比較文學系主任多年。研究及教學範圍包括香港文化、電影、文學等,曾編著多部香港電影的學術論著。她亦曾編著關於閱讀城市的散文集《沙巴翁的城市漫遊》,後於《明報》〈世紀版〉撰寫專欄,並出版個人散文集《寫在窗框的詭話》。張博士於2015年二月因癌病逝世。

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周永康 昨天晚上是Comp Lit Department為張美君教授而設的悼念追思會。 整個晚上,泛起了無數想法,也驚覺人世就是這樣交織而成,代代影響,世世流傳。 看著陳清橋教授細說她當年和張美君於中大博士班的情誼,慨嘆今晚的陸佑堂或將成為他人生中最難以忘懷的一剎。 忽然間,陸佑堂百年來盛載無數前人重要歷史時刻的記憶當湧眼前,劃下世代交織的時代軌跡。當然,也包括2011年李克強訪港,港大管理層如何向政權獻媚的醜態。當年818報告要求檢討港大校委會與校長為首的權力關係,至今未成,而李國章蠢蠢欲動,學術界已現更大危機。

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